Thursday, March 13, 2014

ACT Reward Cards and Treats

90 cookies, 45 cupcakes, and 40 brownies later, I have enough rewards for my Juniors taking the ACT test tomorrow. To determine which treat is their reward, I made these simple scratch-off reward cards. 

I found an ACT logo and copied it 9 times on a document. Underneath each logo, I typed, Congratulations! You put forth 100% effort today. Thank you for your time and commitment.
Reveal your reward below:

I wrote brownie, cookie, and cupcake on the sheets of paper. I covered the name of the treat with contact paper. 

Then I made a mixture of 2 parts gray paint and 1 part Dawn dish soup. I painted over the contact paper. 

Here are the treats...

When the students are done testing, they will each get a card. Then they will scratch off the paint to reveal their "reward". 

March Madness Short Story Bracket

For my high school English classes, this is the March Madness Elite 8 Bracket I came up with. There are a couple of ways one could go about setting this up. 
I plan on sending a digital copy of each short story to my class Google Group.

If technology isn't available, one could have 5 copies of each story for the students to take turns reading and analyzing. They don't have to follow the bracket in any certain order. 

Or, one could do a combination of the two methods.